Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More then just Digital Negatives

In the digital age we live in, many people only want digital negatives. Now don't get me wrong digital negatives are wonderful. You can share your images with family and friends instantly, print them at your leisure, and archive them so you can cherish your memories for years to come. The problem with digital negatives is, most people never get their images printed. There are so many great products that photographers offer, that clients overlook or just don't know what they are. I am going to introduce you to a few products that you may not be familiar with. You can also visit the product guide magazine to see more great products that will be offered. 

First up is the classic Gallery Wrap Canvas. These are perfect for any home and eliminate the need for frames. They come ready to hang and look gorgeous in any room. These are the perfect way to show off your images througout your home. What better way to decorate then with images of your family.

 Canvas Gallery Wraps

The next product that is absolutely perfect for showing off your beautiful pictures is the 3x3 accordion mini album. These are beautiful accordion mini books with your customized photo session inside. You can easily put these small books in your purse, diaper bag, or tote. They are the perfect way to show off your family when you're on the go. Who doesn't love to show off there photo's? These are also great gifts for grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

Accordion Mini Albums

Another great way to show off your images as well as archive them is this unique 5x7 deluxe image box. This box comes customized with images from your session. Inside the box you will find 15-25 mounted 5x7 images of your choice. Mounted images give your photo's durability and allow them to easily fit into any frame. These boxes can be given as a gift or kept in your home. It's quality is amazing and you will cherish this adorable little keepsake.

Deluxe Image Box

Last but not least are your digital negatives. As I said in the beginning digital negatives are very important and a great way to archive your images. Mercarte' Images will no longer offer a CD for the storage of your digital negatives. Instead you will receive USB flash drives in a customized tin. The new USB flash drive is much more convenient and will work on all computers and electronic device that accept USB flash drives.

Digital Negatives

I hope that this encourages you to purchase products and not just digital negatives. There is a world of wonderul products out there that you could be missing out on. 

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