Saturday, February 11, 2012

For the love of photography!

For Valentine's Day I wanted to get more creative. To do this I decided to add a few personalized banners and signs to my sessions. I made two valentine banners and one sign.

The banner below I found online at:
It was simple to make. Simply print out the letters, add cardboard backing, the punch holes. Add ribbon and like magic you get this beautiful banner!

 Sorry about the sloppy editing job...I just wanted to show off my banner...I was super geeked about how nice they came out.

The next banner I made was all me. I was at Michael's and found the most beautiful scrap book paper on sale for only .49 cents, so I thought what can I do with this paper. make a Valentines Day banner of course. I want the banner to be special and one of a kind. I used ribbon to create the letters and yarn to create a heart. I think it turned out lovely!

It's not everyday that you see a banner this unique. I can't wait to use it for my Valentine's Day session tomorrow!

Finally, I made the cutest sign that was inspired by a pintrest photo. You can view the picture at:
I am so looking forward to doing this session with my son. This sign was cute and simple. I simply printed hugs 25 cent & kisses 75 cent on red card stock, added white yarn to hand the sign, and a cute ribbon on the bottom for a little extra detail.

I can not wait to use all of my lovely banners and signs!

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